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Purga™ pellet purge concentrate is the future of purging compounds. Unlike other purging compounds, such as RapidPurge®, Asaclean®, DynaPurge®, and others, Purga is a masterbatch of chemical purging additives which are mixed, with your own resin. This helps save time and money and improve productivity of your injection molding, blow molding, extrusion thermoplastic operation.Use Purga™ to clean your barrel and screw and speed up color changes and remove contamination in your polymers or carbon deposition. Natron also manufactures and distibutes specialty polymer masterbatches such as Vapo-VCI™ which is a technologically advanced volatile corrosion inhibitor. RapidPurge®, Asaclean®, DynaPurge® are registered trademarks of their respective companies and are not associated with Natron Inc.
WIpease™ are the new convenient way to clean shine and protect your office, home and car. Ideal for camping and traveling too. Available in many different variants as lint free, pre-moistened wet wipes.  Web Services by NeTstrive