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New PURGA™ .. Everything you love about a purging compound, now in a new pellet purge masterbatch.  "it really works !!!"

What is Purga™? 

       Purga™ is a pellet purge masterbatch.

       It is not a purging compound.

Purga™, a highly efficient purge concentrate, ensures today’s plastic processing industry is more efficient and able to compete head on. Purga™ has many advantages over other competitive products, and as a result is becoming more and more recognized and requested by name. 

Purga™ is a highly engineered pellet purge masterbatch, with an advanced polymer base.  

Welcome to the future of purging compounds

Through continued research and development Purga™ has broken all frontiers in cleaning out barrels, screws and dies. " Purga™ is compatible with all plastic processes and materials and is user friendly.


  •     Cost Effective

  •     Saves Raw Materials

  •     Reduces Down Time


  •    The only purging compound that is mixed with ‘next ’material

  •    Can purge through dies, hot runner channels

  •    Eliminates need to pull screws and do manual tear downs.


  •     One purge for all thermoplastics

  •     No temperature change required 230 - 752 degrees F

  •     Packed in 5 pound poly-bags ( 10 bags in a box)   


             Non-Toxic          Non-Agressive            Non-Abrasive 

             long shelf life         does not adhere to barrels and screws

             Masterbatch -use in 1:10 ratio                ISO 9001 standards.   


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